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Huge Rewards Sc1: Gio and Valentin

Huge Rewards Sc1: Gio and Valentin

Driller (Gio Cruz) and the Masseur (Valentin Alsina)

Ripped muscle masseur Valentin Alsino, wastes no time! Barely paying any attention to Driller’s overworked muscles, he heads straights to Driller’s bubble butt. Easing the hole wide with two fingers, Valentin spits and licks Driller’s juice brown ring. Pulling Driller’s cock out from beneath him, Valentin worships the massive tool, licking and sucking with hunger.

Sitting on top of Driller (Gio Cruz), the guys rub cocks together, before Valentin hungry for cock, gently easing Driller’s huge cock insde himself, and riding it until the muscle men finally end up covering themselves in showers of cum.

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