Men of the World - London - Sc1 Anthony Clarke and Michel Rudin

Men of the World - London -  Sc1 Anthony Clarke and Michel Rudin

The estate agent might be tall dark and handsome, but the designer is a pure London lad, blond, tattooed and an appetite for sex like none other! This Middle-Eastern man is right up Anthony’s street, and even though they are 20 floors above the London skyline, Anthony gets down on his knees right there on the balcony and gets his cute young face full of hot foreign cock! After some damn hot cock sucking, our hairy Arab guy gets to work on Anthony’s even hotter ass, opening his cheeks wide and even at face level, this will blow your mind as Michel eats his pin hole and devours dick, all the while giving us the best view of his hairy body, chest and pits, not to forget his thick solid meat! As Michel pulls Anthony back onto his now throbbing dick, he really works himself into his English hole, his muscles rippling as he thrusts forward over and over, the look on Anthony’s face is a picture of sexual thrills, Michel pulling all the way in and out as we see his furry frame get as deep into his fuck buddy as he can. After spurting his own load over himself, Michel gives him a final farewell as he leaves his pretty face splattered in spunk, the thick wads covering his face, mouth and tongue.

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