Men of the World - London - Sc2 Dominic Pacifico and Sam Barclay

Men of the World - London -  Sc2 Dominic Pacifico and Sam Barclay

Fit young men Dominic and Sam are getting together via a mobile app, and Dominic has brought his friend Jack along for the ride for some sneaky filming, but little does Sam know what’s gonna happen! After some quick words from his new found fuck buddy from the States, Sam, horny as ever, agrees to be filmed and the fun begins! Stripping off in a flash, bearded Sam and Dom are straight into the throat fucking, their dicks pointing straight up and eager to be covered by juicy lips, quivering in anticipation for some hardcore anal probing! Don’t miss the great ball sucking and ball-play between these two hot fuckers. The question of who’s going to fuck who is soon answered when Dominic goes to town on Sam’s smooth hot butt, letting us in on the action as he then slaps his dick on his hole, getting it ready for the shaft to slowly open him up and get deep inside him! Starting slow to keep this English lad from running off, the American stud can’t contain himself for long and soon the furniture is working its way across the room as Dominic pounds into Sam until both climax in a fury of sweat and spunk.

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